Nevada Preferred Healthcare Providers (Nevada Preferred), the only Nevada-based, independent statewide PPO network is the result of a partnership between Catholic Healthcare West and Universal Health Services, Inc., who joined their Nevada medical PPO network businesses August 1, 2009. Nevada Preferred now owns and manages the well-known networks of:

  • Nevada Preferred Professionals (NPP)
  • Saint Mary's Preferred Health Care Network (PHCN)
  • Universal Health Network (UHN)

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Nevada Preferred Healthcare Providers

Disease Management ~ Nevada Preferred Healthcare Providers

Disease Management

Nevada Preferred's objective is to ensure the best possible quality of care to members while significantly reducing healthcare costs for our clients.  The Total Health Management Program offered through American Health Holding targets both high-risk and low-risk members, helping them improve their health and slow disease progression with wellness education.

Predictive modeling software is applied to historical medical and pharmacy claims data.  Utilizing this sophisticated technology, the top percent of medical claims and pharmacy data identifies disease states with high dollar potential. 

The program offers educational support for a wide number of conditions, as well as targeted programs for the following conditions:

Our Total Health Management Program includes: 

  • 24/7 Care Line
  • Wellness Website (includes health risk appraisal)
  • High-Risk Disease Management 
  • Low-Risk Disease Management 
  • Mailings of Educational Material 

Clients may choose one or more components of the Total Health Management Program.  Reports outlining the impact of selected programs are available to the client.  For additional information about the Disease Management Programs, contact our Marketing Department at 800.776.6959 or 775.356.1159.